How Handy Plans Work

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How Our Point System Works

Our menu offers a wide range of entrees. Each entree is given a point value instead of a dollar value. We sell points (not individually priced items) in the form of a Handy Plan.

The Handy Plans work on a subscription basis. You purchase a plan subscription that gives you a set number of points per order cycle, not individually priced items. This is done to give you optimum flexibility in customizing your order. Then, each ordering cycle, you choose the items you want from the menu that add up to the number of points in your Handy Plan.

The Handy Plans allow you to:

  1. Customize your order each order cycle
  2. Have access to every item on the monthly menu
  3. Simplify grocery budgeting with the set subscription charge (ex. $42.00 each month), (no tax is charged)
  4. Simplify payments with automatic charges to your credit card or Paypal account each order cycle
  5. Simplify your time with free delivery each order cycle
  6. Cancel anytime you wish with a simple email

Your menu selections will be delivered to you frozen, ready for you to cook/heat and serve.

Why Our Menu Uses Points and Not Dollar Values

By selling points in the form of Handy Plans, we are able to have consistent orders and cycles, and give you optimum flexibility in customizing your order. This allows us to give you the great food you want at a great price, and deliver it for free.

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